We are always looking for new and interesting challenges and actively seek startup projects that are driven by passionate entrepreneurs. These assignments call for a different kind of engagement and a fresh approach to design. With our deep understanding of brands and markets we are well positioned to offer valuable insights and support, and along with experience we also have a young and design centric team that is agile and responsive to the demands of young companies.


Our approach is to engage as design partners with the client, and we work as a team from within, helping to strategise, position and realise all aspects of developing the brand. We also extend design and strategic communication support after the launch, to create and maintain brand presence in the print as well as digital space. 

We are aware that budget constraints are often an important concern for startups. To overcome this, we offer flexible and customised fee structures to suit different circumstances, without compromising on either time or creative inputs. Our aim to make it a win-win situation for both.