An independent creative studio focused on finding interesting creative solutions for our clients while doing the thing we love doing best: design.

Whether consciously planned or intuitively occurring, design is embedded into our lives everyday and everywhere and is the most critical component in enhancing the quality of any experience, physical, emotional or sensory. And at GCD Studio that is where we believe we have a role to play.


With the contours of design becoming less defined, at GCD Studio we approach our work in an un-categorised, unsegmented manner, looking at the idea of problem solving holistically and working across media to shape the experience of a brand, a product or a space. Every problem has a different solution therefore, understanding the context and finding an appropriate, meaningful and engaging design solution is what we endeavour to achieve with our practice.


Our experience as a multi disciplinary design studio spans over 20 years which has given us the opportunity to articulate our design vision over a vast spectrum of applications. Our core competency lies in brand development that begins with strategy and extends to creating the complete brand experience encompassing several touch points that go towards building it. Our design capabilities traverse the vast landscape of possibilities from print and packaging to spatial and digital platforms. 


As all good designers, we continuously look for new and interesting challenges to keep us

excited and engaged. And towards that we also seek like-minded collaborators, whether as partners or clients, because we believe the most interesting solutions emerge when the right people come together.


Gopika Chowfla

Founder + Creative Director


GCD Studio is a boutique design firm led by its creative director, Gopika Chowfla. Gopika graduated with a degree in applied art from MS University in Baroda in 1982, and spent 15 years with leading advertising agencies before starting her firm in 1997. Her experience in advertising gave her a strong background in marketing strategy and consumer psychology, which adds a critical dimension to the output of her studio.

Shahana Jain

Partner + Associate Creative Director


Shahana is a self taught designer and strategist, always buzzing with different ways to do the old thing. With over 13 years of experience, she has been associated with designing communication for some of the biggest brands, all from varied industries. A true foodie at heart, her convivial nature ensures the work environment is happy and healthy. 

Devshree Sahai

Partner + Senior Creative Manager


A graduate from College of Art New Delhi, Devshree has an accumulated experience of over a decade in the design and advertising industry. An avid photographer, a sucker for anything new and always exploding with ideas, when not at work - you could find her diving the deep seas, climbing the highest mountains or travelling with a noble cause but sometimes, purely to satisfy the wanderer in her.  

Sakshi Verma

Senior Designer

A graduate from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Sakshi has become a strong asset for the team over the last five years with her exceptional talent and skills. Her love for art and design inspires her to keep abreast with new exhibitions, shows in town, and quite often is the reason for her holidays abroad. She has a knack for people, brings in vibrant energy to the team and has a rare talent of finding humour in most situations, in office or outside. 

Kalyani Naravane

Illustrator and Designer


Kalyani's deep-rooted interest in visual storytelling led her to do her Masters in Illustration and Visual Media from London College of communication. A stickler for deadlines and logical thinking, when not talking about work, you can catch her sharing snippets of her food and travel experiences from London. 


The coffee man


With a perpetual smile on his face, Purushottam is the

most loved person in the team. He ensures proper functioning of all things that make this space an office. He has a unique sense of humour which he often shares in the form of one-liners.